Experienced - Enthusiastic - Task Oriented

Exceptionally well-versed in business to business consulting, Tarah is a deep thinker who thinks about things from all possible angles. She is very persistent and challenges to push above and beyond standards. Tarah has a particular interest in working with small businesses. She enjoys doing the business activities most business owners get bogged down with, therefore freeing up time to focus on the business itself. She challenges the traditional and looks for ways to enhance what is working and adjust what is not. She will help you stand out and be different from your competition.   



Optimizing Your Success

Tarah is a self-proclaimed strategic problem-solving analytics nerd who is curious to discover the "why" and find the science behind it. In addition, Tarah enjoys helping people and spending time with her family. 

Born and raised in Cloquet, Minnesota, Tarah spent twelve years in the Netherlands, graduating high school and college. She has a Bachelor of Science in Food Technology from Van Hall Larenstein University. 

Since being back stateside, she has built her career working in business-to-business sales, office management, marketing, and health/supplemental insurance programs. 



Tarah is a gentle natured and trustworthy person.  She is reliable and enjoys being around people.  She could succeed in anything she sets her mind to! - Kim, Pasadena, MD, USA

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