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Wife - Mother - Professional

Tarah is results-driven, task-oriented, problem-solving, curious, and has contagious energy to make things happen and get things done.    

Why did she choose an education in Food Science? Tarah really loves knowing the why behind things. She is fascinated with nutrition and health liked the idea of knowing the "why" and “how” around food manufacturing and nutritional advices. She likes problem-solving, analytics, and calculation. She studied subjects like; Beer, Meat, Bakery Technology, and much more. The science involving food manufacturing motivated her to pursue her career in food.

After graduation, Tarah moved back to the States to spend more time with her aging grandmother and stateside family. 

She has worked as a product developer to assist with chewing gum and hard candy recipe formulation in a pilot plant. She has formulated recipes for three beer styles to determine which style would become the next product for customer distribution. She created and executed a product innovation project to decrease additives, allergens, and production costs for ready-made meals. She was a team leader responsible for working with management regarding plant production yields, shutdowns, challenges, and safety concerns. 

As much as she loves food and food science, she also has an interest for business-to-business sales and office management. She takes great pride in having extensive business knowledge and curiosity to learn about different products and services. She has experience in finding and creating leads and converting them into new accounts. She has extensive experience working with distributors and suppliers. 

Tarah is married and enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter, and is learning to be her own person while balancing being the best wife and mom possible. A few things she enjoys is Cross-Fit, Sewing, and Crafting. She prioritizes her family time as she realizes how fast little ones grow up. 


Tarah follows through in her commitments. She communicates well and is helpful and honest. Great to work with and I’m happy to have gotten to know her!  - April, Duluth, MN

Tarah has consistently gone above and beyond in sales goals while also expanding her personal and professional impact across many domains. As a sales representative, she exceeded expectations by achieving revenues and contracts 5x what anyone else in the company had done. She has consistently grown her personal business whilst building a family and moving multiple times. She is a fantastic listener and has the experience necessary to problem solve and help anyone move forward, personally and professionally. 
Anonymous, Duluth, MN

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